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Lefebvre celebrates 100th year of engineering success. Though started in Canada in 1914, Lefebvre moved to the Gulf in 2003 as Middle East offered numerous opportunities in fabrication of equipment to the smelters in Middle East. Year 2014 represents 31 years since Lefebvre first manufactured busbars. Over the years Lefebvre fabricated and supplied more than 6000 bus bars to the customers all over the world.

From 1983 to 2003, Lefebvre executed 16 major busbar projects from its base in Canada as well as many custom fabrication assignments in the energy, petrochem and paper industries. Since moving to the Gulf, Lefebvre has executed a further 10 projects for major smelters such as ALBA, EMAL, Dubal, Ma'aden, Hormozal, Sohar and RUSAL smelters.

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