lefbvre Engineering

Core Values

Company's core values and beliefs form the basis of its actions and day to day dealings with people.

Customer Satisfaction

Client requirements and satisfaction is the foundation on which the company bases is profitability and growth. No project is complete without giving full value to the Client and ensuring his requirements are satisfied. Lasting relationships are aimed at by engaging personal and organizational integrity in operations.

Health, Safety and Environment

The company believes that nothing is more precious than human life. Loss of any kind is to be prevented. It therefore strives to ensure operations conform to the highest standard of safety, preventing accidents, which may lead to loss of life and damage to property and environment. Conducive working environment and preventive medical checkups and timely leave are essential to the employee. The company is also responsible to society and at all times, comply with local laws and statutory regulations, besides taking actions to prevent damage to environment within its control.

Quality of Work and Service

The company ensures that all projects are executed on time; in line with Contract Requirements and the Quality of work and service shall be visible at all levels during all stages of the project.


The company understands that it is characterized by its employees who deal with the customers on site and in offices. Outstanding performance can be achieved by having a motivated and satisfied workforce with clear defined goals, responsibilities, authority and accountability together with appreciation of efforts as and when it is due.

Partners in Business

Success in business in inconceivable without company's clients, suppliers, subcontractors, consultants, banks and insurance companies. The company strives to have a lasting relationship based on trust and mutual benefit.

And finally Quality, Health, Safety & Environment (HSE) and Delivery is a PRIORITY; Profit is a PREFERENCE.